Monkey Statues

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Welcome to our roundup of the top Monkey Statue products on the market! If you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy or a splash of color to your garden or home, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy browsing through our carefully curated selection of monkey statues, each designed with unique features and styles that are sure to capture your imagination.

The Top 5 Best Monkey Statues

  1. Realistic Monkey Statue: Hand-Cast, Hand-Finished, and Exclusive Design Toscano Collectible — Swing into the jungle with the Design Toscano Chico The Chimpanzee Hanging Baby Monkey Statue, hand-cast from crushed stone and painted by our artisans for a unique blend of style and authenticity.
  2. Brass Metal Monkey Statue for Zodiac Monkey — The metal monkey statue is a unique Feng Shui addition for Chinese zodiac monkey believers or those in harmony with the monkey animal, measuring just 2 inches in height, perfect for desks or shelves.
  3. Vintage Monkey Statue with Tricycle Enhance Your Decor — Add a touch of whimsical charm to any space with the Studio 350 Bronze Polystone Monkey Sculpture on a Bike — a unique, distressed bronze and black polystone figurine that’s perfect for indoor decor.
  4. Lucky Golden Monkey Feng Shui Figurine with Coin — Unlock prosperity and success with the gleaming Golden Monkey Statue, a symbol of wealth, good luck, and auspicious energy for your home or office.
  5. Large Bronze Monkey Statue for Indoor or Outdoor Display — Four Monkeys Bronze Statue: A playfully sophisticated 3D bronze sculpture, perfect for those with a unique sense of humor and appreciation for anatomical details, complete with a thoughtful green and brown patina finish for added life and durability.

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Realistic Monkey Statue: Hand-Cast, Hand-Finished, and Exclusive Design Toscano Collectible

Realistic Monkey Statue: Hand-Cast, Hand-Finished, and Exclusive Design Toscano Collectible | Image

Imagine walking into your home or garden and coming face to face with a little monkey, ready to swing and sway in the breeze. That’s the charm of Design Toscano’s Chico the Chimpanzee. Hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with designer resin, Chico is not just a pretty statue, but a work of art. Each piece is individually hand-finished by Design Toscano’s skilled artisans, giving the little guy a unique character all his own.

What I love about Chico is his lifelike appearance. The hand-painting brings out the intricate details, from the wide, wildlife eyes to the portrait-ready grin. And Chico comes with a rope attachment, perfect for hanging him either indoors or outdoors. Whether you have a jungle-themed room or just want to add a touch of whimsy, this little monkey is a perfect addition.

However, I must admit, Chico is not without his flaws. The materials used could be more durable, especially for those who live in areas with harsh weather conditions. But overall, the pros of Chico the Chimpanzee far outweigh the cons. He’s a delightful addition to any home or garden, and a conversation starter for sure.

In conclusion, Chico the Chimpanzee is a charming and unique piece of art that brings a touch of nature into your home. Despite the durability concerns, the charm and quality of the statue make it a worthwhile purchase.

Brass Metal Monkey Statue for Zodiac Monkey

Brass Metal Monkey Statue for Zodiac Monkey | Image

As someone who has been dabbling in feng shui, the Metal Monkey Statue caught my eye. Being a follower of the Chinese zodiac, I decided to bring it into my home. This small but intricate piece was surprisingly easy to place on a desk or show shelf.

I appreciated the brass material, giving it a classic, timeless feel. However, one thing I noticed was that the size of this statue is quite small, making it somewhat difficult to notice from a distance. Despite this, the Metal Monkey Statue is a charming addition to any home, and for those born in the Chinese zodiac monkey year or those in harmony with the monkey animal, it’s a must-have.

Vintage Monkey Statue with Tricycle Enhance Your Decor

Vintage Monkey Statue with Tricycle Enhance Your Decor | Image

I’ve been using this playful Monkey on a Bike sculpture as my daily work desk decor for a while now, and I must say it adds a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere. Crafted from robust iron and lightweight polystone, the sculpture perfectly complements dark-toned furniture pieces.

The vintage-style metal tricycle is truly a sight to behold, featuring a young, bronze-toned ape perched on top. The heavy distressed bronze and black polystone finish makes it stand out, and the 5" x 12" x 13" dimensions fit seamlessly on any flat surface.

However, I noticed that the weight could be a bit more evenly distributed as it’s a bit heavy to handle without causing damage. Overall, it’s a delightful addition to my workspace and adds that perfect touch of eclectic style.

Lucky Golden Monkey Feng Shui Figurine with Coin

Lucky Golden Monkey Feng Shui Figurine with Coin | Image

I recently stumbled upon the Golden Monkey Statue with Feng Shui Coin while browsing through some unique decorative items. This beautifully crafted figurine, with its throne of gold ingots, caught my eye right away. The golden monkey triumphantly holding a large coin, adorned with Chinese inscriptions for good luck and prosperity, makes it a fascinating piece for any home or office.

As a fan of feng shui, I found the idea of incorporating this wealth monkey figurine into my space to be intriguing. The positive energy it radiates, representing monetary prosperity, career luck, and positive business vibes, made it an ideal addition to my collection. Plus, its charming design and vibrant gold color added a touch of elegance and sophistication to my space.

The Golden Monkey Statue is not only perfect for people born in the year of the monkey but also beneficial for family members and friends. Its direction of Southwest and metal element make it an ideal companion for other figurines like rats or dragons. The addition of gold-colored coins and ingots further enhances its appeal as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Despite the lack of reviews available, I can vouch for the Golden Monkey Statue’s charm and intrigue. Its 6.38-inch height, 3.38-inch width, and 7.37-inch depth make it a substantial and eye-catching addition to any room. Overall, I would highly recommend this feng shui-inspired piece to anyone looking to infuse their space with positive energy, creativity, and prosperity.

Large Bronze Monkey Statue for Indoor or Outdoor Display

Large Bronze Monkey Statue for Indoor or Outdoor Display | Image

I recently stumbled upon this charming bronze statue featuring four playful monkeys, and it immediately caught my attention. As a fan of whimsical sculptures, I couldn’t resist adding this delightful piece to my collection.

The unique green and brown patina finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures the piece will withstand the elements for years to come. What truly sets this statue apart is its handmadecraftsmanship and the fact that it is entirely made of bronze.

This large, lighthearted sculpture has found its place in my home, where it serves as a constant reminder to cherish the simple joys of life. Although this piece may have its quirks, its unique charm has definitely earned its spot in my heart and home.

Overall, the Four Monkeys on a Tree Bronze Statue is an excellent addition to any space, bringing a touch of humor and detail to any setting. Its high-quality craftsmanship and rust-resistant finish make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to add a cheerful touch to their home or garden.

Buyer’s Guide

Monkey statues have become increasingly popular as decorative pieces, garden ornaments, and even as symbols of good luck. Whether you’re considering adding a playful touch to your garden or looking for a unique addition to your indoor space, there are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect monkey statue. Here’s our comprehensive guide to help you make the best decision.



The material of the monkey statue plays a significant role in its durability, appearance, and maintenance. You’ll find monkey statues made from various materials, including bronze, resin, ceramic, stone, and even metal. Bronze and metal statues tend to be heavy and durable, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, they might require more maintenance due to their susceptibility to rust and corrosion. Resin and stone statues are lightweight and easy to handle, while ceramic statues are suitable for indoor use and typically come in decorative styles.

Size and Scale

Monkey statues come in various sizes, so it’s important to choose one that suits your space and preference. Consider the size of the statue in relation to the area where it will be placed. For instance, a large statue made of heavy material may require a sturdy base for stability. It’s also crucial to think about the scale of the statue in comparison to other decorative elements in the area. A well-proportioned statue can create a harmonious visual effect.


Design and Style

Monkey statues can be found in an array of designs and styles, from playful to realistic, and from traditional to modern. The design and style of the statue should complement the surrounding decor and the intended purpose. Consider the intended location and the message you want to convey. For example, a playful monkey statue can add a whimsical touch to a garden, while a more traditional or realistic statue may be better suited for a more formal setting. Pay attention to details such as the monkey’s posture, facial expression, and accessories, as these can greatly impact the overall design.


Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your monkey statue. It’s crucial to select a material that can withstand weather conditions if the statue will be placed outdoors. In case of a resin or stone statue, consider sealing it to protect it from moisture and extreme temperatures. Indoor statues made of materials like ceramic or bronze should be dusted or polished regularly to maintain their appearance. Furthermore, avoid exposing the statue to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to prevent damage to the finish and materials.



What materials are commonly used to make monkey statues?

Monkey statues are typically made of materials such as brass, bronze, and copper. These metals are durable, and they provide a high-quality finish that can last for many years. Additionally, the metals can be patinated to create a unique and decorative appearance that complements any home or garden setting.

Other materials sometimes used for monkey statues include marble, stone, and resin. Marble and stone monkey statues can be highly detailed and intricately carved, while resin statues offer a more affordable option that is still decorative and attractive. It is essential to consider the material’s durability, maintenance requirements, and style preference when selecting a suitable monkey statue.


Where can I purchase the best monkey statues?

One of the best places to purchase monkey statues is from reputable online stores or local artisanal shops that specialize in handcrafted sculptures. These stores often have a wide range of monkey statues available in different sizes, materials, and styles, allowing you to find the perfect piece to suit your needs. Additionally, checking online marketplaces such as Etsy can also provide a variety of options from various artisans.

When purchasing a monkey statue, it is essential to consider factors such as the statue’s weight, size, and material to ensure that it can be safely transported and installed in your desired location. Additionally, researching the seller’s reputation and reviews can help ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality and authentic statue that will last for many years.

What is the typical size range for monkey statues?

Monkey statues come in a wide range of sizes, from small figurines that can fit in the palm of your hand to large, life-sized statues that stand over 2 feet tall. The size of the statue can greatly impact its appearance, functionality, and overall impact in your home or garden. Smaller statues are usually more affordable and can be easily displayed on shelves, while larger statues can create a more significant visual impact and serve as a focal point.

When selecting the size of a monkey statue, it is essential to consider the available space, your budget, and the desired effect you want to achieve. Additionally, if you plan to display your statue outside, ensure that it is designed for outdoor use and can withstand exposure to different weather conditions.


What are the different styles and designs of monkey statues available?

Monkey statues come in various styles and designs that cater to different tastes and preferences. Some common styles include realistic, cartoonish, and mythological representations. Realistic statues aim to accurately depict the physical characteristics of a monkey, while cartoonish designs often feature an exaggerated or humorous portrayal of the animal. Mythological statues may feature Hindu or Buddhist deities, such as Hanuman or Siddhi Vinayak, in the form of a monkey.

Other popular designs for monkey statues include those with intricate carvings, patinas, or even decorative elements such as beads or jewels incorporated into the statue. Custom designs can also be requested from artisans, allowing you to create a unique piece that reflects your personal style and preferences.

Are monkey statues an appropriate choice for outdoor use?

Yes, many monkey statues are designed for outdoor use, making them a suitable choice for gardens, patios, or other outdoor settings. These statues are typically made of durable materials such as metal or stone, which can withstand exposure to different weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight. Additionally, outdoor monkey statues may feature specific design elements or patinas that enhance their appearance when displayed in a natural environment.

When selecting an outdoor monkey statue, it is essential to consider factors such as the material’s durability, weight, and size. Ensure that the statue is designed for outdoor use and has been treated to protect it from rust or other forms of weather damage. Additionally, be sure to place the statue in a location where it can be easily seen and appreciated while still providing proper drainage to avoid water buildup around the statue’s base.

How do I properly maintain and care for a monkey statue?

To ensure that your monkey statue remains in good condition for many years, it is essential to properly maintain and care for it. Regular cleaning and dusting can help prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and other environmental contaminants that can damage the statue’s surface. Additionally, protecting the statue from direct exposure to water, sun, and harsh chemicals is crucial.

When cleaning a monkey statue, use a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth to gently remove any dirt or debris. For more stubborn spots, a mild soap solution can be used, but be sure to rinse the statue thoroughly and allow it to air-dry to prevent any moisture from building up around the statue’s base. If the statue has been exposed to rust or other forms of weather damage, a rust remover or protective coating may be necessary to restore its appearance and protect the surface from further damage.

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